Do You Need the Self Confidence to Start a New Career or Launch Your Own Business?

  • Do you wonder if you have what it takes to successfully land your dream job or launch ( or even grow) your dream business?

  • Do you feel like you're stuck in a pattern of hard work, struggle, self doubt or self sabotage and you can't seem to move beyond it?

  • Do you want to fully stand in your power, speaking your truth, showing up as the real unstoppable YOU in your new career or in your business??

Did You Know You Can Instantly Activate Unstoppable Confidence By Dressing Like Your Million Dollar Self?

How You SEE Yourself Determines ALL Your Results in Your Life

Your current identity limits how much money you make, the kind of clients you work with, the prices you charge for your services, and how far you can take your business or career. Get ready to dress like your Million Dollar Self with the right style that helps you to fully embody your dreams and the woman you wish to become. Once you implement this process, it will ignite a spiritual transformation in you. That's because A HIGHER VERSION OF YOU is brought forward... elevated, empowered, and motivated to achieve all your dreams for your career or business. Nothing will ever be the same again!

Includes This Special Time Limited Bonus

45 Minute Virtual Million Dollar Style Session Valued at $2997.00

  • Did you know you can activate CONFIDENCE with the clothes in your closet? Let us instantly TRANSFORM the pieces you previously overlooked!

  • Let's create some POWER OUTFITS in your wardrobe 👗👜 👠 👒 🥻that help you to embody your Next Level Self and your Million Dollar Dreams!

  • Many of my clients have reported this Million Dollar Style Session to be absolutely LIFE CHANGING! They can never see themselves in the same way again!

Here's What Tia Had To Say

After Her Virtual Million Dollar Style Session

Special Bonus: Private Access to Your Own Community

Value - Priceless!

  • You'll have access to your own private group for people like you who are in this course. You will be supported as you rapidly up level in your career or business with expert style feedback and advice on how to show up as your Million Dollar Self. You'll be able to share your wins and connect with like minded women who are on the same transformational journey as you.

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How I Used Style to Completely Change My Life

Even though I was broke, sick, stuck and homeless

Real Life Stories From Real Women

Here Are Their Remarkable Transformations

One Client Attracted her Dream Man Using The Million Dollar Style Method™


One client of mine attracted her Dream Man by dressing like a Million Dollar Woman — even though she was terrified to date after being single for over 14 years!

One Client Successfully Launched Herself as a Wellness Coach


Katarina quit her corporate job and successfully launched herself as a Speaker and Wellness Coach shortly after dressing like a Million Dollar Woman.

One Client is Consistently Told, "You Look Like a Very Successful Person!"


Sarah becomes the unforgettable star of the show on every networking call she attends after dressing like a Million Dollar Woman. She is consistently asked to show off her Million Dollar Style and people actually approach her on the street just to find out what she does for a living!

One Client Landed Her First Corporate Customer

Sharon Rose

Sharon Rose landed her first corporate customer because she felt so confident and powerful showing up in a Next Level style that aligned with her brand — even though she hadn’t even launched her own business yet!

One client landed her first article in Forbes


Chantelle landed her first article in Forbes magazine shortly after working with me — even though she had been feeling lost and stuck in her business for nearly two years.

Shout Outs From Women

Who Went From Low Self Worth To Showing Up Like Their Unstoppable Selves

“Before I started dressing like my Next Level Self, I didn't like my body image as I am overweight (obese). I only took pictures of my upper body and mostly just head shots. I did not want the bottom of my body to be seen. Now I'm ROCKING it and OWNING the room! I do not know if I have ever felt this confidence level before! Not only that, since doing the program, I have already lost 12 pounds!” 

~ Debra

"I had been carrying my "preppy" style from high school. I realized that my authentic style was more flowing, bright  and fun. Your program enabled me to break the rules and coordinate things I would have never thought of putting together. I got a big AHA around how my past beliefs effect the way I shop for clothes. My self worth around what I deserve was keeping me from stepping into clothes that felt great on me.  As a result of this program, I felt lighter, more expressive -- like I was showing a part of my personality that was normally hidden away!"

~ Beth

“After I started dressing like a Million Dollar Woman, I went from dark to light in everything in my life. It’s like I’ve just started decorating my whole world with living color. Before I was merely existing. But now my life is so beautiful and rich! ” 

~ Lisa

“I am so grateful for you...This truly brought tears to my eyes. I finally found my Purpose and my Potential! You ignited a SPARK in me - thank you - I haven't felt this much excitement for my life in many years - thank you - thank you - thank you!

 ~ Patti

“I never realized how much my old clothes were telling a story about me. After dressing like my Next Level Self, I could literally look at my closet and see exactly where I was stuck!” 

~ Valerie

“I am now more confident about my outward appearance by choosing the clothes that reflect who I am becoming. When I started dressing like a Million Dollar Woman, it is such a powerful way to embody the energy of success!" 

~ Jennifer

“Since this program, I’ve actually started to like my face! That’s BIG! There have been a few moments where I catch myself, barefaced, no makeup, and think,”You’re pretty cute!” 

~ Christina

"Your program has made me aware of my own thoughts and feelings and how I’ve literally clothed myself in old, negative patterns about myself and my body that were undermining my .” 

~ Sharon

Why this Program is Different

(In Fact, It's RADICALLY Different Than ANYTHING You've Experienced Before)

  • You Show Up With Powerful Intention

    When you dress like your Million Dollar Self, you intentionally show up for your life with power, purpose, and passion. You become UNSTOPPABLE. You are literally clothing yourself in your dreams (and embodying them) every day!

  • You Are Instantly Up Leveled

    Dressing like a Million Dollar Woman rapidly and dramatically elevates your vibe, your self confidence, AND your abundance levels! Doors to affluent clients and amazing opportunities begin to easily and effortlessly open for you all because of the WAY you are showing up!

  • You Attract Everywhere You Go

    You show up so comfortable and confident in your own skin that you RADIATE! People come up to you and want to know what you do because you EXUDE the instant trust, credibility, and success of your Million Dollar Self!

Are You Ready to Create a Style That Activates Your Million Dollar Self?

Join the growing number of women who immediately gained such unstoppable confidence by dressing their Million Dollar Selves that they find themselves achieving things they never thought they could accomplish — exponentially raising their rates, attracting high level clients, amazing business opportunities, speaking gigs, media opportunities and even their Dream Man!
Chantelle Before & After